Kundalini yoga and meditation class

The Yoga Barn offers weekly Kundalini yoga and meditation classes that are open to all levels.



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Kundalini yoga and meditation class

Tuesdays from 6h30 pm till 8 pm 

The fall session: Tuesday September 17 th till Tuesday December 17 th 2024 inclusively.

We are on vacation for the summer!

A Kundalini yoga course certified by KRI, that is to say, Kundalini Reserach Institute is always structured in the same way. We start with the Adi mantra to harmonize with universal energy followed by a period of breathing and warming up. Then the chosen kriya, that is to say, a series of postures designed to heal, stimulate or balance a specific aspect of being, whether physical, energetic or spiritual. The class ends with meditation and relaxation.


Duration of the course 1 hour 15 minutes. Limited places in attendance, reservation required.

Price 20$ taxes included. E- transfer to the following address: [email protected]

We will then send you the Zoom link. The class is offered online or in person.