Our team

La Yoga Barn was established in 2022. Sophie Lanza and Yogi Shabad, a couple since 2010 and co-founders of La Yoga Barn. Yogi Shabad was the owner of Equilibrium Yoga in Montreal for 20 years. Sophie has been a fashion stylist and event producer for over 25 years. This dynamic duo invites you to come and experience La Yoga Barn!

Shabad Saroop Singh Khalsa


Yogi Shabad is the lead teacher and trainer of classes, training and life coaching at La Yoga Barn. Shabad dedicated most of his life to finding the meaning of his life but above all the meaning of life. With over 40 years of study and yogic practice in Kundalini yoga and a personal journey dedicated to achieving mindfulness to find that meaning, he understood that discipline and practice brings a deeper experience than trying to understand it through the intellect. His process generated self-knowledge that allowed him to transcend his immediate impulses and desires to finally find inner peace.

Enriched with all this background, he shares the teachings of Kundalini yoga with integrity, honesty and humanity. His only deep desire is to help those who want to follow this path to find this same inner peace and thus to be able to manifest their respective destinies.

Sophie Lanza


Sophie is the manager of La Yoga Barn. She takes care of all your reservations and accompanies you from A to Z in your courses, training and your stay. Her professional life, always active in the world of fashion and fashion events, accompanied by her training in Kundalini yoga, is the perfect combination to have the artistic vision of the spaces at the lodge, at the Barn and on the outdoor grounds while ensuring good management, making your stay most pleasant.
Sophie completed her Kundalini yoga teacher training in 2012 as well as Level 2 Conscious Communication training and the 21 stages of meditation.